Order delivery

Delivery Order

Status of an order

Orders registered on www.rohandwork.ro can be tracked directly from your account by accessing "Order history".

Also in "Order history" you can see the detailed order by accessing the "Details" button.

Delivery in Bucharest and in the country

In Bucharest it is free if the customer picks up the order from our office

By courier, the price for delivery is 25 ron in standard areas, if the address is outside the standard area, a fee of 2 ron per kilometer is charged.

NOTE: The execution time is at least 5/6 working days.

In the period with many orders, the execution time of the order may increase and for this reason we recommend that the order be placed in time (at least 2 weeks before the day of the event).

Useful information

Delivery times are valid from the moment the order is completed and excluding non-working days.

There is no shipping fee for orders picked up from RoHandWork headquarters.

RoHandWork DOES NOT sell/ship overseas.

You can request information or changes to your orders by accessing the phone number and/or email address of the agent responsible for your order.

In the case of courier deliveries, it is recommended that after receiving the order, the product(s) or packaging should be checked for physical defects caused by transport. It is recommended that the check be done as soon as possible after receiving the order (at most 24 hours), and the notification made within a maximum of 24 hours from the reception to the e-mail address: office@rohandwork.ro. The notification must contain information about the order, about the condition of the product and 3-5 pictures of the product / packaging in which to indicate any problems (damage, non-conformity). Notifications made later than 24 hours from the moment of receiving the order will not be taken into account. *

NOTE : This term is also applicable to orders picked up from the office and whose products have not been checked.

Complaints after reception are not taken into account if the RoHandWork recommendations were not followed

Returning products

  • Careful!

Products made to order cannot be returned. The orders are made according to the indications sent by the customer and the return conditions are not accepted, but we assume the responsibility to fix any inconsistencies.

We want the best possible collaboration with all our customers, so we advise you to contact us immediately after taking over the ordered product if you find that something is not to your liking.

Products that are made to order at the customer's request and subject to Ord. 130/2000 will not be returned. Head. 2, Art. 10: The consumer cannot unilaterally denounce the following types of contracts, with the exception of cases where the parties have agreed otherwise: c) contracts for the supply of products executed according to the consumer's specifications or of distinctly personalized products, as well as those which, by their nature they cannot be returned or that can degrade or deteriorate quickly.

However, we will do our best to ensure that any ordered product fits exactly your requirements, returning to the remedy of the problems that occurred at the completion of the order.

All return requests are addressed in writing to the email address office@rohandwork.ro.

If the delivered products are not the ones you ordered, please contact us immediately so that we can replace the received products with the correct ones. Return costs will be borne by ROHANDWORK SRL.

Thank you!

In Bucharest:

Name: Costin Mavrig

Email: office@rohandwork.ro