Terms and conditions

Site terms and conditions of use

Site terms and conditions of use

(Version updated on 04.01.2019)


RoHandWork – is the commercial name of the commercial company ROHANDWORK SRL,

User - is defined as any natural or legal person who accesses the www.RoHandWork.ro website, creates an account, or orders a product, thereby agreeing to accept the website's specific clauses, as they are presented on this page

Site - is defined as this website www.RoHandWork.ro


2.1. By accessing the Site, registering an account or placing an order, the User agrees to the Terms and Conditions of use of the Site, as well as the Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy, as they are presented on the Site. RoHandWork reserves the right to constantly improve their content, depending on the requests of Users or its commercial needs. For the best use of the Site, please read this document carefully;

2.2. By accessing the website, registering an account or placing an order, the User agrees to the forms of communication through which RoHandWork carries out its commercial activity (telephone or e-mail);

2.3. The notification received by the User after placing an order is informative and does not necessarily represent the acceptance of the order by RoHandWork. Depending on the situation, RoHandWork may change the details of the order and will notify the User of this for its confirmation, using the data provided by the User in the order completion step. If the User does not agree with the changes, the order is cancelled,

2.4. The order is considered completed when the User receives the ordered and confirmed products from RoHandWork;

2.5. RoHandWork is responsible for the condition and quantity of the products shipped to the User, until the time the package is picked up by the courier. From the moment the courier takes possession of the package, the responsibility regarding its integrity, as well as the conditions and the term in which the package reaches the User, rest entirely with the courier;

2.6. Documents and information resulting from placing an order are strictly confidential.


3.1. Any user can place an order. Creating an account is optional and can be done at checkout.

3.2. For justified reasons, RoHandWork may cancel any order, delete the User's account and restrict his access to further orders. The user can contact RoHandWork to be informed about the reasons that led to the actions in question, by e-mail at office@rohandwork.ro ;

3.3. RoHandWork can publish on the website any product, offer or service, both from its own portfolio and from third-party partners, within the limit of available stock and in a certain period of time. RoHandWork is not responsible for possible data entry errors that may display details of products, offers or services that are not in accordance with reality.

3.4. All prices for products, offers or services displayed on the site are expressed in LEI (RON), are final (VAT is not applied or is included, depending on the case). In addition to the displayed price, the User will also pay the shipping fee for the products to the desired delivery address.

3.5. All information used to describe products, offers or services (static or dynamic images, text-type presentations or otherwise) are for presentation purposes and do not represent a contractual obligation on the part of RoHandWork;

3.6. RoHandWork may ask any User to provide a review (public or private) about their experience and/or products purchased through the site;


4.1. The content of the site, including but not limited to logos, stylized representations, commercial symbols, static or dynamic images, text or any other type of content, are the exclusive property of RoHandWork, all legal rights being reserved in this regard, in directly or indirectly (through licenses for use and/or publication);

4.2. Any content that the User has access to while using the Site, registering an account or placing an order and interacting with RoHandWork is subject to this document, even if that content is not accompanied by a specific agreement;

4.3. The user may use the content only for the purpose for which it was presented, for personal, individual and non-commercial purposes, and may not copy, transfer, publish or otherwise use the content without RoHandWork's prior written consent;


5.1. The User can select the desired products, offers or services by accessing them through the Site and accessing the related order buttons. Products are ordered by adding them to the virtual shopping cart, which can be examined and modified according to the User's wishes. Afterwards, the order is completed by completing the requested data electronically on the related page and selecting the desired payment method and accessing the "Place order" button. Adding products to the shopping cart, without completing the order, does not represent a registration of the order or the reservation of the respective products;

5.2. By completing the order, the User undertakes to provide correct, complete and true data;

5.3. By completing the order, the User consents to RoHandWork contacting him by phone or e-mail to confirm the order or to provide any data necessary in the purchase process;

5.4. RoHandWork may cancel the User's order upon prior notice, without any obligation of the parties to the other and without either party being able to claim damages from the other.

5 . 5. Custom-made products or personalized services cannot be returned/cancelled if they have been made/provided. According to GEO Ordinance no. 34/2014.

5.6. If the User wishes to withdraw from the anticipated contract, he can do so by e-mail at office@rohandwork.ro

5.7. However, we will do our best to ensure that any ordered product fits exactly your requirements, returning to the remedy of the problems that occurred at the completion of the order.


6.1. RoHandWork keeps all user information confidential, does not rent or trade it or give it away for free to third parties. Disclosure of information is made only under the terms of this contract or under the terms of the legislation in force, when requested by the competent bodies;

6.2. The user has no right to make public statements, promote, mediate, or otherwise disclose any information regarding his order or the operation of RoHandWork, including all documents and notices used during the order process, without the prior written consent of RoHandWork;

6.3. By submitting information on the Site, by e-mail to RoHandWork and during the order process, the User grants the RoHandWork operator the exclusive and unlimited right to use, reproduce, display, modify, transmit and distribute this data in their own interest. This information does not fall under the scope of confidentiality if the legislation in force does not provide other specifications in this regard;


7.1. The User may opt out of being contacted commercially by RoHandWork, even if they have initially agreed to this, as follows:

By contacting RoHandWork by e-mail at office@rohandwork.ro

7.2. By accessing the Site, creating an account or placing an order, the User consents to RoHandWork notifying him of future offers, RoHandWork news, the existence of products in his shopping cart, recommendations of similar or related products, or when changing prices;

7.3. In order to improve the services, RoandWork may use the User's data to conduct opinion polls, market research, the results of which are the exclusive property of RoHandWork. If it is considered necessary to publish or broadcast these results, they will not be associated with the User's identity;


8.1. Payment for the purchased products is made in LEI (RON) either in advance or in cash upon delivery, according to the User's option, as it was expressed at the time of the order;

8.2. With the shipment of the ordered products, RoandWork will send the User the tax invoice for the ordered products using the data provided by the User during the order completion step. The invoice can be sent physically, together with the products ordered, or by e-mail to the address provided by the User;

8.3. For the accuracy of the information, the User undertakes to provide real, correct information and to update his information in the "Account details" section of his account on the Site, when it changes;

8.4. For reasons of information security, the User is advised to log out of the account after completing the order, in order not to allow another user of the respective terminal to access his account data or place orders on his behalf. Any order from the User's account is considered legitimate and can be processed without further notice;

8.5. RoandWork does not have access to the security password set by the User for his account. Disclosure of the account password by the User to a third person or entity is done at the User's own risk;


9.1. RoHandWrk ensures the delivery of orders only on the territory of Romania, by fast courier service;

9.2. RoHandWork will pack the products properly so that they reach their destination in optimal conditions. After handing over the parcel to the fast courier service, the responsibility for the integrity of the parcel and/or its contents belongs exclusively to them, RoHandWork not being held liable for any damage caused after the parcel has been handed over for delivery;

9.3. After placing the order on the website, the User can check the status of the order by accessing the "Orders" section of his account. After sending the package, the shipment can be tracked online on the courier's page, based on the unique shipment number - AWB. The user can obtain the AWB number by contacting RoHandWork by phone or by e-mail at the data published on the Site's Contact page;

9.4. Cancellation or modification of an order placed on the Site, after its confirmation, is done at the discretion of RoHandWork, depending on the possibilities existing at that time. In this case, the User is encouraged to contact RoHandWork by phone or by e-mail at the data published on the Site's Contact page;

9.5. Delivery charges may be included in the price if shown in the order total. In other cases, the tax is calculated separately from the order and is paid directly to the courier company, upon delivery of the package;


10.1. All products sold by RoHandWork are new, in original packaging and benefit from a guarantee according to the legislation in force;


11.1. The final right of ownership of the ordered products is transferred to the User after payment;

11.2. RoHandWork is not responsible and cannot be held liable for damages of any kind that the User or any third party may suffer as a result of the fulfillment or non-fulfillment by RoHandWork of its obligations under this contract, or for any damages resulting from the use of the products or their loss;

11.3. By creating and using his account, as well as using the Site without creating an account, the User assumes full responsibility for keeping his data, account authentication data safe and is responsible for all activity carried out on the Site;

11.4. By creating and using his account, as well as using the Site without creating an account, the User assumes full responsibility for compliance with the Terms and Conditions of Use stipulated in the last updated version of this document. RoHandWork invites Users to periodically check this document to be aware of all changes and improvements made to it. Changes or improvements to this document may be made without prior notice;


12.1. Users can comment or evaluate RoHandWork products or services both on the Site and on the social media pages associated with the Site, both positive and negative, using a civilized vocabulary and objectively presenting the characteristics and how to use the purchased product;

12.2. At the time of recording an assessment, in the form of a review or otherwise, or a public comment, the User grants RoHandWork the right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, translate, publish, distribute or display that content;

12.3. RoHandWork reserves the right to cancel or delete any rating or public comment from its pages if it is deemed to be vulgar, offensive, discriminatory or otherwise inconsistent with RoHandWork standards;

12.4. The User undertakes that the information entered in such evaluations or public comments is realistic, correct, non-deceptive and in accordance with the legislation in force, respecting the rights of RoHandWork and other Users, including copyright, trademark, license, property rights , publicity or privacy;

12.5. It is forbidden to publish in these evaluations or public comments, of: references to other companies, products or services, whether they are similar or not; URL links to direct Users to other web pages; information containing personal data or requests for personal data; advertising information.


13.1. The RoHandWork policy regarding the use of "Cookies" and the processing of personal data are included in the Privacy Policy (click here) .


14.1. Force majeure is defined as an unforeseeable event, beyond the control of the parties, which cannot be avoided (natural calamity, wars, social conflicts, etc.). Neither party can be held liable for failure to perform its contractual obligations, in whole or in part, or for improper performance due to a force majeure event;

14.2. If the force majeure event does not cease within 15 days from the date of occurrence, each party has the right to notify the other party of the legal termination of this contract, without either party being able to claim damages from the other party.


15.1. This contract is governed by the legislation of the Romanian state. Any dispute generated between the parties will be resolved amicably, and if this solution is not possible, the dispute will be settled by the competent court.

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