Legal notices

Version: 01/01/2020

1. Identification

1.1. RoHandWork SRL. (hereinafter referred to as "RoHandWork"); legal entity of Romanian nationality, with registered office in the city of Popesti Leordeni, Drumul Fermei no. 61A, Construction C4, having order number in the Trade Register J23/5737/27.11.2018 and unique fiscal identification code 40223117.; and e-mail, is the owner of the website located at the Internet address, , and their accounts on social networks (hereinafter referred to as "Website") .

1.2. RoHandWork is the owner of the following accounts on social networks:

• Facebook.

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• Twitter.

• Instagram

1.3. The person accessing this Website (hereinafter referred to as the User) ensures that they have the legal capacity to do so.

2. Purpose.

2.1. The purpose of this legal notice is to regulate the relationship between RoHandWork and the User regarding access to this Website.

2.2. By accessing this Website, the User expressly accepts all the clauses of this legal notice, the privacy policy and the policy on the use of cookies, as well as all the special conditions collected for the use of certain services. If you do not accept any of the above mentioned clauses, the User must refrain from accessing this Website.

2.3. By accessing RoHandWork's social media accounts, the User agrees to abide by its terms and policies.

• Facebook.

• YouTube.

• Twitter.

• Instagram.

2.4. The User ensures compliance with any legal provisions that may be applicable to access to this Website.

2.5. RoHandWork reserves the right to change this legal information at any time, so it is the responsibility of the User to review it before accessing this Website.

3. Minors

3.1. Access by minors to this Website is prohibited.

3.2. RoHandWork reminds the User responsible for minors that it will be their sole responsibility to determine what services and content are or are not appropriate for the age of such minors and that there are computer programs that allow filtering and blocking of access to certain types of content and services.

4. Content.

4.1. The content available to the User on this Website is provided from its own sources, as well as from third parties.

4.2. RoHandWork ensures that the content is of the best possible quality and is reasonably updated, but does not guarantee its usefulness, accuracy, completeness, relevance or currency.

4.3. The inclusion of content on this Website does not in any way constitute the provision of a professional advisory service by RoHandWork to the User.

4.4. RoHandWork discourages the User from making decisions based on the information contained in the content of this Website without obtaining appropriate professional advice.

5. Intellectual and industrial property.

5.1. The entire content of this Website is properly protected by the regulations of the intellectual property law.

5.2. Regardless of the purpose for which they were intended, the total or partial reproduction, use, development, distribution and commercialization of any content of this Website requires, in all cases, the prior written authorization of RoHandWork.

5.3. Content provided by third parties other than RoHandWork that may appear on this Website belong to their respective owners, who are themselves responsible for any authorization granted to third parties.

6. Use

6.1. The User voluntarily and expressly accepts that the use of this Website is in any case carried out under his sole and exclusive responsibility.

6.2. The user undertakes not to engage in any behavior that could damage the image, interests and rights of RoHandWork or third parties or that could damage, disable or overload this Website or that in any way could prevent its normal use .

7. SPAM.

7.1. It is strictly forbidden for the User to receive e-mail addresses from this Website for sending advertising or promotional messages, without having been expressly requested or authorized by their beneficiaries.

8. Responsibilities.

8.1. MP will take all actions at hand for the proper functioning of this Website. However, taking into account the nature of the Internet and the fact that the operation of this site may depend on the intervention of third parties, RoHandWork is not responsible for any shortcoming that may be caused to the User due to its incorrect operation.

8.2. RoHandWork disclaims any liability arising from information published by third parties on this Website.

8.3. RoHandWork assumes no responsibility for the content of third parties to which the User is redirected from this Website.

8.4. If the User considers that any existing content on this Website may be illegal, he must notify him at

8.5. Due to the nature of the Internet, RoHandWork cannot guarantee the absence of elements that may cause changes to its computer system or the User, so it assumes no responsibility for damages of any kind that may be caused by these changes.

9. Complaints.

9.1. If the User wishes to file a complaint against RoHandWork, he can send this complaint to