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Set of 6 wedding glasses Pink roses 2

Set of 6 wedding glasses Pink roses 2

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  • Pretul afisat include personalizarea.

  • Grafica poate fi personalizata asa cum va doriti dumneavoastra, cu orice silueta sau tema.

  • Timpul de executie este de minim 07/10 zile lucratoare.

  • In perioadele cu multe comenzi timpul de executie poate creste si din acest motiv recomandam ca si comanda sa fie data din timp.

  •              Set of 6 wedding glasses Pink roses 2 - RoHandWork

    Weddings in Romania represent a moment of joy and unity, a celebration of love and family. In this context, traditional customs play a central role, and the clinking of champagne glasses is a memorable moment.

    Wedding marks the beginning of a life and brings wishes of happiness and prosperity for the young married couple.

    The meaning of the Custom of Marriage in Romania:
    The wedding in Romania is not just an event, it is a deep tradition that reflects cultural values. Marriage is considered a holy union, where two souls become a couple and take responsibility to share the joys of life.
    In this context, the clinking of champagne glasses is a special moment when sincere wishes are expressed for the happy life that awaits the newlyweds.

    Set of 6 wedding glasses Pink roses 2 :

         The glasses bring a touch of elegance and personalization to this special moment of the Romanian wedding. Each set contains four glasses or more  of champagne delicately decorated, adorned with thematic images. These glasses are not just drinkware; they become an integral part of the marriage ritual, enriching the symbolism and beauty of the event.

           The utility of personalized glasses:

    • Elegance and Style : The glasses are carefully chosen to bring a touch of elegance and style to any festive wedding table. The delicate design gives these glasses a particularly attractive look.
    • Personalization : What makes this set really special is the ability to personalize the glasses with the couple's name and the date of the event. Thus, each glass becomes unique and a bearer of memories.
    • Symbolism : As the champagne glasses collide, the symbolism is enriched by the design and custom engraving. The set becomes an authentic expression of the love and commitment of the bride and groom.
    • Valuable Gift : The set of glasses can also be a wonderful gift for couples on the verge of marriage. It's a way to contribute to their joy and give a truly memorable gift.

         All products are personalized and decorated with professional, non-toxic products and are handmade using the technique of decoupage / transfer and painting in acrylics, using professional non-toxic, water-based materials that are friendly to both your little ones and the environment.

         Ordering this set of personalized glasses  for personalized wedding is simple and easy. On our , you will find a special section for WEDDING, where you can choose the theme you want.

          We will take care of the rest, creating a truly unique and special set, ready to accompany you on your big wedding day.

        TheRoHandWork team


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