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Baptism candle curled Lion King mascot

Baptism candle curled Lion King mascot

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  • Pretul afisat include personalizarea.

  • Grafica poate fi personalizata asa cum va doriti dumneavoastra, cu orice silueta sau tema.

  • Timpul de executie este de minim 07/10 zile lucratoare.

  • In perioadele cu multe comenzi timpul de executie poate creste si din acest motiv recomandam ca si comanda sa fie data din timp.

  • Baptism candle curled Lion King mascot

            The baptism event is a special occasion in the life of the little one and the family, marking a new chapter in their life. The baptism candle is not only a symbol of this new beginning, but also a decorative element that brings a touch of style and personality to the ceremony.  

            It's a way parents can pay a traditional tribute, but at the same time express the uniqueness and joy of this special moment.

            The tradition of the Baptismal Candle

            The baptism candle has a special place in the hearts of Romanians, being a symbol of light and guidance during the journey of life that begins. 

            The tradition has evolved over time, transforming this simple candle into an object of art, decorated with care and creativity, enriching the atmosphere of the ceremony with aesthetics and color.

            Unique Design and Customization

            At RoHandWork, we reinterpret this traditional object, offering a unique and eye-catching design. The candle is decorated with colorful acrylic wool balls and an adorable felt mascot that reflects the customer's chosen theme. 

            The top of the candle is personalized with a themed image, the little one's name and christening date, creating a valuable and memorable artifact of this significant day.

      • Colorful Balls : Acrylic wool balls add a splash of color and texture, turning the candle into an engaging visual object that radiates joy and warmth.
      • Felt Mascot : The central mascot adds a touch of sweetness and personality, making each candle unique and memorable, and creating an eye-catching focal point.
      • Personalized Print : The personalized top section completes the design, providing a space to share important details and celebrate your little one's identity in an artistic way.

            Exceptional Quality - Lion King mascot christening candle

            Our dedication to excellence at RoHandWork is reflected in the quality of the materials selected and the craftsmanship with which each candle is made. Every detail is executed with precision, ensuring that the candle will shine brightly throughout the ceremony and remain a treasured memory for years to come.

            We invite you to discover the customization options on our website, , and to collaborate with us in creating a Lion King mascot christening candle that will add extra elegance and personality to the christening.        

            At RoHandWork, we are dedicated to helping you celebrate this important moment with style, color and a personal touch, creating memories that will be cherished over time.

      The RoHandWork team

            All products are personalized and decorated with professional, non-toxic products and are handmade using the technique of decoupage / transfer and painting in acrylics, using professional non-toxic, water-based materials that are friendly to both your little ones and the environment.


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