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Ursulet Memories box in colorful balloon

Ursulet Memories box in colorful balloon

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  • Pretul afisat include personalizarea.

  • Grafica poate fi personalizata asa cum va doriti dumneavoastra, cu orice silueta sau tema.

  • Timpul de executie este de minim 07/10 zile lucratoare.

  • In perioadele cu multe comenzi timpul de executie poate creste si din acest motiv recomandam ca si comanda sa fie data din timp.

  • Ursulet Memory Box in colorful balloon - Preserving the Magic of First Moments

    The magic of childhood begins with the special moments that mark the birth and baptism of a child. These events bring joy, excitement and love to our lives and deserve to be preserved and part of our memories forever.

    To help you remember and preserve these precious moments, we created the Ursulet Memory Box in a colorful balloon. . This box is a treasure trove of memories and a symbol of family love and happiness. Next, we'll explore the tradition of keeping memories of births and christenings and how we personalize this box to bring a special touch to each child.

    Preserving Birth Memories

    From the first smile and first steps to the first sketches and artwork, every moment in a child's life is a magical adventure. Ursulet Memories box in colorful balloon helps you keep important memories from your baby's birth, such as:

    • First Doll or Toy : Give your child their first toy or doll, and keep it in the box to remember when they first received it.
    • First Clothes : Keep the first clothes that the baby wore when leaving the maternity ward or the first clothes with which he was baptized.
    • Heartbeat : Include a copy of the ultrasound where you heard your baby's heartbeat for the first time.
    • Baby Room Memories : Keep baby room pictures and notes of special moments and first words.
    • Baptism Clothing : Keep the outfit or suit your child wore at baptism.
    • Baptism Invitations and Certificate : Keep the baptism invitations and certificate to remember those who were with you on that special day.
    • The first strand of hair cut since Baptism

    Personalization for Each Child

    At RoHandWork , we understand that every child and every family is unique. That's why we offer the Ursulet Memory Box in a colorful balloon. customized to suit each family's preferences and theme:

    • Baby's Name : Personalize the box with your baby's name to make it truly his.
    • Personalized Design and Colors : Choose the design and colors that match your child's personality and the theme of their baptism or room.
    • Personal Messages : Include a special message or note that reflects your love and hopes for the child.
    • With generous dimensions of 40 cm x 30 cm x 15 cm high , this box is spacious and ready to keep the precious memories of the birthday and the motto country in one safe and memorable place.
    • Date of birth
    • What was his birth weight?
    • How long was he at birth?
    • The time he was born

    The personal details together with the wonderful information about the birth of the child turn the box into a living document of the moment when your little one came into the world and celebrated his first birthday.

    Quality and Elegance in Every Detail

    At RoHandWork , we pride ourselves on the quality of our products. Ursulet Memories box in colorful balloon. it is made with attention to detail, using top quality materials to ensure its durability and elegance.

    Memories for Future Generations

    With Ursulet Memory Box in colored balloon. from RoHandWork , you can start building a treasure trove of memories for your children and generations to come. These boxes are not just containers for objects, they are treasures of love and magical childhood moments. They will remain a special part of each child's story and keep the memories alive and bright forever.

    To order Ursulet Memory Box in color balloon. , visit our easy-to-use website, , and choose the customization options that represent you and your family.

    At RoHandWork , we are proud to help create special memories and help you preserve and share the magic of childhood forever.

    All products are personalized and decorated with professional, non-toxic products and are handmade using the technique of decoupage / transfer and painting in acrylics, using professional non-toxic, water-based materials that are friendly to both your little ones and the environment.

    The RoHandWork team  


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