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Unicorn money chest (150-200 envelopes)

Unicorn money chest (150-200 envelopes)

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  • Pretul afisat include personalizarea.

  • Grafica poate fi personalizata asa cum va doriti dumneavoastra, cu orice silueta sau tema.

  • Timpul de executie este de minim 07/10 zile lucratoare.

  • In perioadele cu multe comenzi timpul de executie poate creste si din acest motiv recomandam ca si comanda sa fie data din timp.

  • Unicorn Chest - Tradition, Elegance and Memories for Lovers

           In the world of weddings, there are moments that combine tradition and beauty to create unforgettable memories. One such moment is the arrival of Cufar Unicorn . 

           This chest is a symbol of wealth and the promise of a life full of love and adventure for the newly married couple. In the following, we will explore the tradition of this element in weddings, its significant role and how we customize it to become unique for each couple.

            The tradition of the Baptismal Chest

           The tradition of the wedding chest dates back hundreds of years and is present in various cultures around the world. This chest symbolizes a rich beginning to married life and is often used to carry or display gifts given to the couple on their wedding day.

            The role of the Baptismal Chest

           The wedding chest serves several significant purposes in a wedding:

      • Gift Storage : In some cultures, the chest is used to store the gifts given to the couple on their wedding day. This ensures that the gifts are safe and can be revealed later in the privacy of the newly formed home.
      • Symbolism of Wealth : The wedding chest is often richly decorated and is a symbol of the wealth and happiness the couple will share in their new home.
      • Decoration and Ambiance : The chest adds a touch of elegance and tradition to the wedding decor. It is placed in a place of honor at the restaurant or wedding venue where it can be admired by guests.

             Personalization for a Special Day

      At RoHandWork SHOP , we understand that each baptism is unique, and the baptism chest must reflect the child's personality and style. That's why we offer customized baptismal chests to suit everyone's preferences and vision:

      • Couple's Name : Personalize the chest with your and your partner's name to make it truly yours.
      • Christening Date : Add the special date to the chest to mark the beginning of your journey together.
      • Custom Design and Colors : Choose the design and colors that define you and match the theme of your baptism.
      • Personal Messages : Include a personal message or quote that has deep meaning for you and your love.

            Quality and Elegance in Every Detail

           At RoHandWork , we strive to provide the highest quality products. The Christening Chest is made with attention to detail, using top quality materials to ensure it will stand the test of time. Customization is done with precision, adding a touch of sophistication and beauty.

           Unforgettable memories

    Unicorn Chest it is not just a decorative object; it's a beautiful reminder of the beginning of your life journey together. After the baby's baptism, it can become a decoration piece in your home or a valuable object that you keep forever.

           With this Unicorn Chest from RoHandWork , every child has the opportunity to add a traditional, elegant and unique element to their special day. To order this personalized chest, visit our easy-to-use website, , and choose the customization options that represent you and your love. 

           At RoHandWork , we are proud to help create your special memories and help you remember your wedding day forever as one of the most beautiful and loving moments of your life.  

           All products are personalized and decorated with professional, non-toxic products and are handmade using the technique of decoupage / transfer and painting in acrylics, using professional non-toxic, water-based materials that are friendly to both your little ones and the environment.

           The RoHandWork team


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